What if clouds and lakes switched spots and every time you looked up you’d see waves being pulled by the moon and we’d wade through the clouds on a hot day. What if birds grew grass and the ground grew feathers. What if flowers were as tall as trees and trees as small as flowers. 

I’ll have whatever he’s having. 


I wish it was socially acceptable to wear whatever we want and I’m just not talking about revealing clothes I’m talking about togas and full on Victorian dress and evening gowns for the hell of it. I mean imagine if people went around dressed like elves or dwarves from Lord of the Rings it would be fabulous I mean have you seen how hot that stuff makes you


i feel like people can’t actually hate daft punk i mean have you ever seen them in the media or in public or doing anything bad no they’re just adorable little robots who make music with their greatest inspirations and they’ve been friends forever and i feel like there’s no way to not be at least content with them